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Kekker allows for 10X faster time-to-market than direct competition, is 100X cheaper/faster than hiring experts and is easy to setup and use.
Focus on building business applications, not the setup & maintenance of your DLT solution.


Choose DLT/DFS stack (Ethereum, Hyperledger or other) and a set of tools to meet your business, legal and regulatory requirements.
Leverage Kekker's well documented APIs to build your decentralized application with ease - no DLT/DFS experience needed.


Kekker Sandbox is free. Cut your time to market by 6 to 12 months and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in man-hours.
Don't worry about the infrastructure - just start building your decentralized application right now.
More facts: comparable economics and other details

Kekker Platform at a Glance

Kekker is middleware with a set of DLT/DFS technologies and APIs that lets you build and run decentralized blockchain-powered applications without blockchain expertise.

Use Kekker’s services to operate your decentralized environment or manage your secured distributed solution network independently.

Kekker Sandbox at a Glance

Kekker Sandbox is free and provides a unique opportunity to build a prototype or MVP on any of the popular blockchains.

Entrust us with hosting and supporting your commercial infrastructure or transfer your decentralized application to your own infrastructure at any time.

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