Real-World Kekker DApp

A robust Trade Finance Dashboard designed with Kekker Deal on top of the Kekker Sandbox 3-node Ethereum network.

Trade Finance Dashboard

The Trade Finance Dashboard is a real-life business application built on top of Kekker tools. It serves as a dashboard to track Letter of Credit (LC) transactions between the Seller, Buyer, and Bank nodes, from LC issuance until the end of its lifecycle.

In the Trade Finance Dashboard UI, one can pick a blockchain network to operate in. Dashboard provides LC issuing on one blockchain node (Bank) and performing changes across other nodes (Seller, Buyer). All data and corresponding API requests are tracked at the bottom of the screen.

Trade Finance Dashboard is an example of how to connect business application features and Kekker blockchain capabilities. The decentralized app uses Kekker API to transfer the business application commands to blockchain. To do this, a business application should operate with “Abstract business object” logic learn more.

Access the decentralized app’s source code and use it for your future projects.

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