Build and run blockchain applications even without any prior blockchain expertise

If you are an individual developer or a team of developers working on a decentralized app, this is for you


Before starting to build a decentralized business app, a company needs to hire DLT expertise, setup DLT infrastructure, and develop a software layer on top of DLT to build business apps upon. This typically takes from 10 months and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In-house Development

10 months

DLT Platforms

8 months


DLT expertise: not needed at all. Infrastructure: sandbox with the most popular blockchain infrastructures is set up. Middleware with well documented APIs and Scenarios. Start building your solution on day one.


1 month

With Kekker you save upfront: $170-220k and 7-9 months

We are the team that built and launched Europe’s leading B2B blockchain platform with over $100 mln in monthly transactional turnover. We consulted organizations and individuals working on decentralized solutions for years before launching Kekker.

Test the platform’s powerful features now

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