Kekker Sandbox is free and provides a unique opportunity to build a prototype or MVP on any of the popular blockchains.

As soon as you are ready to launch your business application you can move to your own infrastructure or use our commercial infrastructure hosting and supporting services.

The Sandbox consists of 4 separate clusters:

  • Private Ethereum cluster
  • Public Ethereum cluster
  • Hyperledger Fabric cluster (limited free availability)
  • Quorum cluster (limited free availability)

The clusters interact with each other via a dedicated trunk network.

Kekker Sandbox Scheme

Private Ethereum cluster contains 3 nodes:


Ethereum Private Cluster

Public Ethereum cluster is based on the Rinkeby Ethereum testnet and contains 2 nodes:


Ethereum Public Cluster

Hyperledger Fabric cluster contains 2 nodes:


Hyperledger Private Cluster

Quorum cluster contains 2 nodes:


Quorum Private Cluster

Sandbox Access

Hit the Sandbox Access button, fill out the form and get your access credentials in no time.

Transaction timing in Private and Public Networks

Unlike Private Network transactions’ typical processing time of a few minutes, transactions in Public Networks may require about 10 minutes to process.

Differences from production environment

The Sandbox contains test data only and is completely separate from your production environment. The Sandbox API URLs clearly state ‘demo’ (e.g., unlike the production environment URLs (e.g.,

Real commercial data should never be used in the Sandbox.

Sandbox Benefits

  • Accelerate release cycles and Save Time and Money

    Start building your product instantaneously with the DLT/DFS infrastructure you need, helping dev and QA teams increase their efficiency.

    Use Scenarios and well documented API resources to quickly and efficiently speed up the entire development process. Doing so, you will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in man-hours and cut your time-to-market by 6 to 12 months by focusing on building your business application, not the setup and maintenance of your decentralized infrastructure.

  • Scale or move to a blockchain infrastructure tailored to your needs

    The multi-blockchain environment makes it simple to scale your products up or down as you need them and even move your product to a different blockchain infrastructure.

  • Improve quality and Control spending

    Avoid DLT/DFS environment configuration drift, so you can produce higher-quality products. Easily clone your Sandbox environment to the production stage, eliminating hardware and cloud sprawl.


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